Romania has an estimated 10,000 people with MS, but government spending on healthcare, decreasing to around 4% of GDP over the last two years, is extremely low.

A good ratio of neurologists to patients is undermined by other deficient parts of the health system. Access to disease-modifying drugs is confined to only 25% of patients, but symptomatic treatment is available for up to 60%. There is a serious lack of rehabilitation services. In addition, Romania ranks very low for reimbursement of costs, so the high price of medication compared to peoples' income causes financial strain. This is made even worse by the informal payments which paitents are forced to make to doctors in order to ensure propers consultations and treatments. 

However, Romania scores high in the area of employment and job retention, although the social stigma still attached to MS and discrimination of people with disabilities can impact negatively on this.

EMSP’s MS Barometer offers additional country insights. It also shows that access to treatment, therapies and employment varies greatly across Europe (MS BAROMETER)

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