Collaborating Artists

  • Walter Astrada | Photographer

    Walter Astrada was born in 1974 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  He started his career as a staff photographer at local La Nacion newspaper.  After a formative trip through South America, he joined the Associated Press in Bolivia and later in Argentina, Paraguay and then the Dominican Republic. 

    From March 2005 until March 2006, Walter worked as a freelancer for Agence France Presse in the Dominican Republic and was represented and distributed by World Picture News. In March 2006 he moved to Spain from where he is working as a freelancer.  During 2008 and 2009, he covered Eastern Africa out of Uganda. He is now based in Barcelona, working on a long-term project about violence against women.

    Walter's work has been awarded 3 World Press Photo, The Bayeux-Calvados award for War Correspondents, NPPA-BOP, ‘Photojournalist of the Year’ and ‘Best of Show,’ the PGB ‘Photographer of the Year’ and ‘Picture of the Year,’ and PDN annual, Days Japan 1st Prize, POYi’s, Alexia Foundation and Getty Editorial grants, among others.

  • Lurdes R. Basolí | Photographer

    Lurdes R. Basolí (b. 1981, Spain) has a BA in Audiovisual Communication from University Ramon Llull, and a post-graduate degree in Documentary Photography from the University of Barcelona (UAB).

    Her long-term project Caracas. Echoes from Heaven has received numerous international awards, such as the 2009 FotoPres grant, the 2010 Inge Morath Award from the Magnum Foundation and the 2011 ANI Visa Award. She was selected in 2008 Descubrimientos PhotoEspaña and for the 2010 World Press Photo Joop Swart Masterclass.

    Her work has been part of both individual and group exhibitions in galleries, museums and photo festivals such as Noorderlicht, Holland; Caixaforum Barcelona and Madrid, Spain; Fotohfof Gallery, Austria; Fotodokumentu, Poland; Feria Iberoamericana de Arte, Venezuela; and the European Parliament, Brussels.

    Basolí’s work has appeared in international magazines such as The Sunday Times Magazine, Internazionale, Foto8 and El País Semanal.

    She is currently based in Barcelona.

  • Maximiliano Braun | Photographer

    Born in Bolivia in 1983, Maximiliano went to the University of Utah, in 2001, where he studied Mathematics, Anthropology and French. After finding his passion for photography, he moved to London and achieved a BA at the London College of Fashion. In 2005, he began a personal project recording his time with his already elderly father (aged 94 at the time) in photographs in order to remember. After his BA (2007), he completed the MA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at the London College of Communication in 2008. It was during his MA year that he started working on Stay With Me, a project about the familial and social consequences of the realities of Traumatic Brain Injury.

    In 2009, he won the first student Getty Images Grant for Editorial Photography, which allowed him to expand Stay With Me, from its beginning in South Africa, to the US, Northern Ireland and the UK. Since then, he found his passion for medicine related stories not necessarily for the science behind it but rather because of the social aspects engrained in them. Since 2010, he’s been a contributor to Reportage by Getty Images. In 2010, he received honourable mentions for Stay With Me at Fotovisura and IPA and, in that same year, his father passed away marking an unexpected end to his oldest project. In 2011, he received another honourable mention at the IPA for the project on his father, Dad.

  • Fernando Moleres | Photographer

    Fernando Moleres was born  in Bilbao, Spain, in 1963. He is a self-taught photographer. During several years he combined his work as medical assistant in his village with long periods travelling and taking photographs.

    For more than 20 years he has photographed current affairs related to human rights. Some of these stories, such as child labour exploitation or minors in jail, deliver unquestionable evidence of situations that should be abolished or, at the very least, persecuted.

    Documentary photography represents for Fernando a life-affirming attitude, a tool that lets him approach situations that worry him and make him want to take action. Moreover, as photographer, he works and delves into subjects that transcend present time.

    Awards: Mother Jones 1994 · World Press Photo, 1998, 2002, 2011 • W. Eugene Smith 2º Prize (1999) and finalist in 2011. Moving Walls 2012. Leica Prize Festival Images 2011. Grants: E&V Hasselblad Foundation. Exhibits: VISA pour L´image 2000  and 2011 Reportages published: El Pais  • Le Monde Magazine • Figaro • STERN • The Sunday Times  • The Independent. Books: Children at Work (Lünwerg-Peliti) and Men of God (Rizzoli International).

  • Marilyn Smith | Concept Originator and contributing Writer/ Reporter

    Marilyn is a science communications specialist with 15 years experience presenting news and information to non-scientific audiences. She is internationally known as writer and editor, having held positions with the International Energy Agency, the International Council for Science and the National Research Council of Canada. On a freelance basis, Marilyn has worked for the UN Environment Program and UNESCO, the International Atomic Energy Agency, and various other organisations. Marilyn holds a BA in Communications and an MA in Journalism.

    Marilyn is the originator of the Under Pressure concept. She also wrote text panels for the touring exhibition and image captions that help tell the stories of the individuals at the core of this project. Her inspiration for the Under Pressure project arose from learning through EMSP that disparities in national health and social policies increase or reduce the burden of living with MS.


  • Carlos Spottorno | Photographer/Coordinator

    Carlos Spottorno was born in Budapest, in 1971. He was raised in Rome, Paris and Madrid. He began his career as an art director in an advertising agency. In 2001, he switched to professional photography. Since then he has combined his own self-produced, long term documentary projects with professional assignments, both editorial and commercial. In recognition for his work he has recived many awards, including a World Press Photo in 2003, YIPPA in 2011, American Photography 24, 26 and 27. Carlos was a finalist for a Visa d’Or in 2008, the European Publishers Award in 2009 and RM Photobook Award in 2012.

    His photos have been published by National Geographic España, El País Semanal, D Magazine, Marie Claire France and OjodePez among others. Some of his work is featured by Reportage, by Getty. He has four books published: History Seekers (Blur Ediciones), China Western (La Fabrica), Philosophia Naturalis (self published) and La Hora del Recreo – Break Time (Lünwerg).

    Besides his personal and editorial work, he has filmed campaigns both in still photo and video for clients like Nike, Vodafone, Movistar. He gives lectures and workshops based on his own experience as a professional photographer and documentary video maker.