• We live in an age of multimedia when powerful communication combines visual and verbal content. EMSP has developed a new multimedia approach to show how people with multiple sclerosis (MS) live their daily lives Under Pressure.

    Renowned photographers have highlighted the situation of people affected by MS with great skill and sensitivity. Their pictures and video footage show the courage, perseverance and mental resilience with which those people respond to the daily pressures. The portraits also illustrate the conditions prevailing in twelve European countries, and the growing disparities between these states in their approach to MS. And this is where the Under Pressure project makes its point: it shows how the variations between national health and social policies can greatly influence the lives of people with MS – for better or for worse.

    With Under Pressure, EMSP hopes to effectively promote the interests of people with MS all over Europe, to improve their wellbeing and quality of life and to reduce the health inequalities they face.

    John C. Golding
    President, European Multiple Sclerosis Platform

Country Profiles