EMSP and the creators and sponsors of the Under Pressure project do not necessarily endorse or share the personal views expressed in the multimedia pieces included in the project.


Under Pressure provides commentary, opinions and testimony from individuals, specialists and MS organisations including information on the treatment, care and employment practices in a number of European countries. These represent the views of those contributors and do not indicate endorsement of any particular approach by EMSP or its member organisations.

The Under Pressure pictures and videos were produced by a team of renowned photographers, giving them artistic freedom within the project framework. The reportage does not aim to be comprehensively representative of each country’s situation, nor does it necessarily reflect the views of the national MS societies or of EMSP as their umbrella organisation.


The photographs and videos produced as part of the Under Pressure project would not have been possible without the unconditional grants EMSP has received from partners from research and industry. All EMSP projects supported via unconditional grants from corporate sponsors are subject to the conditions stipulated in EMSP’s Code of Conduct.

Photo usage

The copyright remains fully with EMSP and/or the photographer who provided the material. Sponsors and partners can use the visual materials exclusively for editorial purposes, with the aim of disseminating information and raising awareness of multiple sclerosis. Any commercial usage is strictly forbidden, as well as any use of the materials for purposes that are discordant with the mission, ethical values, Code of Good Practice and interests of EMSP.

Professionals intending to use Under Pressure materials are advised to submit a formal request to EMSP. Once usage is approved, they will need to provide EMSP with a copy of the type of coverage in which the materials are used.