Download and share high-resolution pictures

Pictures indeed speak louder than words. There are 240 high quality pictures in the standard Under Pressure country profiles whereas the premium gallery includes 600 pictures. Here is how you can access the premium photo gallery and make use of the Under Pressure footage to support the fight for better conditions for people with multiple sclerosis:

  1. Open an account => Go to our Registration form
    * EMSP staff will decide on the level of access granted
    ** For any special enquiries, please contact EMSP’s IT Consultant Zilvinas Gavenas at
  2. EMSP will grant one from the two levels of access:
      Members of the MS societies who have actively contributed to the Under Pressure project are granted privileged access to our materials intended for exhibitions (see details in the Under Pressure Exhibition section) and to the premium photo gallery. Other MS societies wishing to join the Under Pressure project, as well as other parties interested will have access to our photos and exhibition materials under conditions previously negotiated with EMSP (see details in the Under Pressure Exhibition section). For either, please contact EMSP's Communications Officer Mate Tagaj at
    2. PRESS
      Journalists or other mass communications specialists are invited to make use of the Under Pressure project to report on MS in Europe. However, usage of the pictures is subject to prior approval by EMSP. In such cases, the Under Pressure campaign will be referred to and EMSP will receive a copy of any coverage created. To access the premium photo gallery or/and set up the collaboration, please contact EMSP's Communications Officer Mate Tagaj at, briefly describing how you want to use the footage and what is the deadline for your coverage.   

* Commercial use the Under Pressure footage is prohibited.