Under Pressure photos in Budapest

The Hungarian MS Association (SMBOE) organised - on 29 May, World MS Day - an outdoor exhibition, in the center of the capital Budapest, combining Under Pressure pictures with photos taken in Hungary. A total of 66 pictures were placed on 24 exhibition displays and were viewed by around 120 participating multiple sclerosis patients, carers, neurologists and health authorities, and by hundreds more passers-by.  

Some photos from the event can be found here.

Employing the motto "Every Step Counts", the organisers placed a few treadmills in the square that hosted the event and asked patients and other guests to use them - the aim was to demonstrate how difficult every single step can be for some persons living with MS.

At noon, balloons were released in the air as a symbol of solidarity with people with MS (pictured below).

Druing the event, the Hungarian MS Association also presented its new photo ablum called "A Thousand Faces of MS Patients", which includes photos taken in 2012 in Hungary.