Under Pressure at EPF's 10th Anniversary

The European Patients’ Forum (EPF) marked its first decade with a three-day event which took place in Dublin, in 22-24 May. The Under Pressure brochure and achievements were presented to participants and were very well received. 

The proceedings started with an Annual General Meeting on 22 May, in which new members of the board were elected.

On the 23 May followed the 10th Anniversary Conference, with the EU Irish Presidency chosen as a landmark. Featuring the 2013 European theme Year of Citizens - dedicated to the rights that come with EU citizenship, the conference translated what this means for patients.

The last day of the Dublin event, 24 May, was dedicated to another press conference, entitled “Effective Health Care Requires Good Nutritional Care” and organised by the Patients Network for Medical Research and Health – EGAN.