One-month Under Pressure exhibition and video launch in Spain

The Spanish Association for Multiple Sclerosis (AEDEM) organised an Under Pressure exhibition at the Exposition Centre in Ciudad Real, between 25 April and 30 May, with the day before the last dedicated to the launch of the new Under Pressure video for Spain.

The launch, on 29 May, was attended by the producer of the video, photographer Lurdes R. Basolí.

“The documentary was completely understood by everyone and I could see how some were touched by the stories. The audience found it very interesting and it even provoked a one-hour debate”, said Lurdes Basolí after the event.      

The Spanish Under Pressure video is the eight such documentary produced by the team of photographers involved in the Under Pressure project, under the coordination of the European Multiple Sclerosis Platform (EMSP). The previously launched country videos covered Belarus, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Poland and the United Kingdom.